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"We heard nothing but positive comments about your service from our group members.  Everyone so enjoyed visiting with Norma and she did a wonderful job.  Your service is greatly appreciated and we will highly recommend you to others.  You can tell when you work with someone that knows what they are doing and especially enjoys what they are doing!!"  DS, College High Class of '64

"Everyone was impressed with every show and every meal provided, starting with the welcome buffet.....excellent.  Jerry and I got so many compliments we were starting to believe we had something to do with the planning.  Keep up the great work."  Mike Masello, co-planner for the 9th Infantry Bravo Company

"The group loved Mickey Gilley, great show!!!  We have used Gatherings Plus for the last six or seven reunion and have always been satisfied.  The only way you could improve your service is to tuck us all in bed each night."  Bob Hegel, USS Stephen Potter reunion planner

"I don't know how working with you could be any better.  You find excellent activities and take our suggestions and make them a great part of our reunion.  Our shipmates thoroughly enjoyed the San Antonio reunion and are talking about next year."  Tony Fuentes, USS Ault reunion planner

Our reunion could not have run smoother.  At every instance over the past year Pam Brown was quick to answer the many questions I asked and did a superb job of talking in terms I could relay back to my 500 Infantry Society members.  You can improve your service by putting out a blueprint to the world on how to run an exciting and affordable reunion.  WE COULD NOT BE MORE PLEASED and telling our other military groups to contact Gatherings Plus if they want it done right the first time.  Our Exec...


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