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"Working with Pam Brown has made reunions fun again. Now we can all enjoy them."  Maurice Medland, President, USS Salisbury Sound Association

We most certainly enjoyed our reunion at the Clarion.  Our escort, Norma was fantastic as was Dave our driver.  The food at Buckingham's was awesome and restaurant staff were all super and took good care of everything.  The shows were very good, the 60's was our favorite.  Everyone was surprised and loved the recognition and the DVD shown during the show.  We voted to return next year so will be in touch.  Thank you for your help, Jack and Kaye Nash, Cha-Rang Gang

"You take all the hassle out of our planning the reunion.  Couldn't and wouldn't do it without you.  You're an asset to the Branson area.  They should pay you!!  Mona Dollarhide, planner, Hill 411 Recon

"Gatherings Plus was wonderful to work with, even when I was upset about the turnout.  Pam took it all in stride and just told me to relax and enjoy.  That is just what I did.  So did everyone else.  So much that a lot of them wanted me to plan another trip for next year.  Everything went off without a hitch.  Pam is great at suggesting shows and setting up itineraries and handling all the details.  Hardest thing I had to do was come preview some hotels and shows and decide which ones would work for our group.  Pam did everything else.  ...

"The hotel was great, the staff that helped us with the hospitality room were always there when we needed them.  Norma was the best!  Everyone just loved her.  Pam's help planning this reunion was wonderful.  If we had a problem, she fixed it!!!  It gave me time to spend with the group.  It is wonderful how Branson welcomes and treats Veterans.  Pat Smith, Planner, 324th Fighter Group


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