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USS Walke DD-723

Welcome to the USS Walke DD723 Reunion Home Page

Holiday Inn and Suites, Tucson Airport, 520-746-1161

Tucson, Arizona





Alan Fear and Ann Calley

Eugene Hansen

Charles Murphy and Ann Marie Newton

Philip and Jennie Licari

Russ and Carole Violette

Marion and Shirley Williams

Mike Young and Kippi Johnson

Dale and Mary Moyer

Walt and Marilyn Holderman

David and Donna McCarville

Rita and Leonora Ciesinski

John and Judy Henderson

Mike Young and Kippi Johnson

Kermit and Karen Bormann

Eyler and Delores Anderson

James and Rita Schwarzer

Herb Billingsley

Mark Halverson

Guy Willis

Frank Groth and Maria Seymour

Barbara Stephens and Michelle Martin

William and Marcia Wehner

Dee Ploutz

Billy and Jean Walker

Robert and Arlene Dawson

Frank and Delores Camacho

William and Pam Bork

Andrew and Marsha Overholtzer

Bill and Nancy Hardesty

Barbara Stephens and Michelle Martin

Walter and Mabel Svoboda

Richard and Mary Lou Williamson

Joanne Thompson

James Ellsberry

CDR Ross and Jennifer Orvik

ENCS (SW) Steven Kennedy and Agatha Bakonyi

Leon and Martha Lopez

Erik Hansen

Paul and Margaret Bergeron

Philip and Colleen McCarthy