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USS Shields DD596

Welcome to the USS Shields DD596 Reunion Home Page!

The Radisson Hotel

Branson, Missouri


September 17-21, 2017


For those that registered for the Shoji Tabuchi show will receive a $45 per person refund.  The refund will be issued around Sept 1st.  Shoji theatre had a fire and will not be open during your visit to Branson.  A replacement was not chosen by your reunion Planner.  



Jim and Evelyn Durough, ETN2, 1962-65

Donna (Durough) Phillips, daughter of Jim and Evelyn Durough

Joey and Misty (Durough) Sharman, daughter and son-in-law of Jim and Evelyn Durough

James Fintak, ETSN, 1964-65

Casey White, granddaughter of Jim and Evelyn Durough

Nick and Amber Stone, granddaughter and grandson-in-law of Jim and Evelyn Durough

Herbert & Carol Lamach, IC2, 1954-1956

Robert & Patrica Culbert, Guest of Herbert & Carol Lamach

John E. "Jack" Blann, Jr. & Carol Blann, Ltjg, 1961-1963

JT Howard Sr. & Carol Howard, SN, 1960-1962

Fred Brooke & Karen Asimos, ENS, 1971-1972

Willis Persall, SN, 1958 and Margaret Persall

Roy Cook, ET2, 1956-1959

Chester Swart, RD1, 1952 and Frances Swart

Jack Mckee, FTG2, 1959-1960 and Bev McKee

Joe Sperandio, CDR, 1960-1961

Guest of Joe-Carla Sperandio Bosearino & Joi Sperandio Kingsley

Dria Sperandio Fadden & Ed Fadden

Bob & Wilma Brisco, FN1, 1945-1946

Guest of Bob- Larry & Jeannie White

​Marvin & Helen Beers, MOMM3C, 1944-1946

​Mark Beers & George & Pamela Foster - Guests of Marvin & Helen Beers

​Alan & Paula O'Shea, FN, 1958-1959, USNR

Thomas "Big Red" Vernon, BT1, 1959-1961, and Ann Vernon

​Gordon Hafdahl, GM3, 1962-1966 and Wanda Hafdahl

 Guest of Gordon Hafdahl-Richard & Chris Holmes

​David F. Brown, RMSN, 1962-1963, & Eveline B. Devoto (Friend)


Jim Durough