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USS Shields DD596

Welcome to the USS Shields DD596 Reunion Home Page!

The Radisson Hotel

Branson, Missouri


September 17-21, 2017




Jim and Evelyn Durough, ETN2, 1962-65

Donna (Durough) Phillips, daughter of Jim and Evelyn Durough

Joey and Misty (Durough) Sharman, daughter and son-in-law of Jim and Evelyn Durough

James Fintak, ETSN, 1964-65

Casey White, granddaughter of Jim and Evelyn Durough

Nick and Amber Stone, granddaughter and grandson-in-law of Jim and Evelyn Durough

Herbert & Carol Lamach, IC2, 1954-1956

Robert & Patrica Culbert, Guest of Herbert & Carol Lamach

John E. "Jack" Blann, Jr. & Carol Blann, Ltjg, 1961-1963

JT Howard Sr. & Carol Howard, E6/MSI, 1960-1962


Jim Durough