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USS Samuel B. Roberts DD823

Welcome to the USS Samuel B. Roberts DD823 Reunion Home Page!

The Hilton Washington Dulles Airport

Hendon, Virginia

October 1-5, 2015




William and Sandra Rost

Edward Kirko

James and Joan Norton

Tony Ramos

John Grzybowski

John LaFlamme

Clarke Wilcott

Mike and Linda Cipolla

Kevin and Mary McKeown

Jim and Virginia Cruce

Julian and Midge Lusco

Anthony and Elizabeth Sardanelli

Ken Giardina

Donald Isherwood

Terry and Linda Haskins

Don and Barbara Eagle

Steve and Betty Senderovitz

John and Ellie Rosevear

Ralph, Helen and Kyle Senk

James and Judith Dunn

Walter and Ann Beck

Charles and Nancy Littlefield

Frank and Jeannie Abate

Jim and Martha Gaulden

Jim and Pat Antenucci

Tom Zwemke

Frank Kopfer

Tony and Dorothy Diez

Mike Cipolla