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USS Francis Hammond FF1067/DE1067

Welcome to the USS Francis Hammond FF1067/DE1067 Reunion Home Page!

The Radisson Hotel

Branson, Missouri

June 15-18, 2017





Steven Wilcox 

 Jerry & Ruth Anderson

Blake Scruggs and Susan, OS#, 81 thru 84

 Manny & Jean Perry

 Rick Boersema and Guest

Ray Martinand Guest

 Henry Lange and Amy 

Mark & Mitsue Clauda 

 David Rosner and Guest

Crispulo Fontanez and Guest

Jeff Holt, EW2, 07/80 thru 7/83

Tom & Merlinda Stafne  CMC 1990 thru Decomm

Dennis Clevenger, OS3 1970-73

Ray Martin, Plankowner 1970 thru 1972

Bobby Daniel, OS2, 1971-72 DE1067

Harry Byers, MMC, 12/74 thru 6/78

Daniel and Tina Wilson, 1067, 4 years on board

Rich Frantz, 1976-78, RM3

Kent and Barbara Grealish, 1971-73, DE1067

James and Nancy Bunce, 4 years on board, DE1067

Kenneth & Anne Scharneck, 4 yrs on board, FF1067

Harry Donnellan Jr., 4 1/2 yrs on board, FF1067

David  Rosner and guest Young Hee Rosner, 1981-1985, FF1067

Cynthia Newen 1978 Guest-Jeremy Bodas

Steven Wilcox 1974-1978 DE1067-FF106

Dan & Theresa Peters 1976-1978 2 1/2yrs FF 1066

Guest-Klara S.

Jerry & Jeanine Hiller 

Joe & Cristy Bumbaugh Guests-Daniela Bumbaugh & Isabella Preney









Jeff Holt