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USS Francis Hammond FF1067/DE1067

Welcome to the USS Francis Hammond FF1067/DE1067 Reunion Home Page!

The Radisson Hotel

Branson, Missouri

June 15-18, 2017





Steven Wilcox 

 Gene Anderson

*Blake Scruggs and Susan, OS#, 81 thru 84

Randy Kilian-Smith

 David Sieffert

 Dave Woodworth

 Manny Perry

 Howard King

 Rick Boersema and Guest

Ray Martinand Guest 

Joe Bumbaugh and Guest

Will Sommerville and Guest

Salvador Alingas and Guest 

Carl Daggs and Guest

 Pat McKinnon and Guest

Tyler Glenn Macduff III and Guest

 *Henry Lange and Amy 

Mark Clauda and Guest

Ken Harris and Guest, ET2, 85 thru 88

William Remy and Guest

 Don Caterson and Guest

 Michael Grange and Guest

 John Carey and Two Guests

Joe Sikora and Three Guests

Gary Johnston and Guest

Brian Hanson and Guest

Lee Robbins and Guest

Ralph Wakefield and Guest

Jim Forney

David Rosner and Guest

Crispulo Fontanez and Guest

Deja Cheek and Guest

Rafael Ignacio

Robert Collins and Guest

John Hoover and Guest, FC2, 01/90 through decomm

Jonathen Cupples

Jeff Holt, EW2, 07/80 thru 7/83

John Rasbury, MM2, 90 thru 92

Thomas (Wojo) Wojciechowski, BM2 1983 thru 87

Timothy F. Gilliard OS2 Dec 85 thru Apr 89

Tom Stafne (+1) CMC 1990 thru Decomm

Dave Hoss and Guest

Dennis Clevenger and Guest, OS3 1970-73

*Ray Martin, Plankowner 1970 thru 1972

Stephen Alden, Lt JG, ASW Officer, 1970-72

Bobby Daniel and Guest, OS2, 1971-72

Jim Bialecki and Guest, RD3, 1970-73

Mark Babbitt, FTG2, 2/1980-8/1982

Moten Martin

Harry Byers, MMC, 12/74 thru 6/78

*Daniel and Tina Wilson, 1067, 4 years on board

Pat Thompson, OSSN, 1982-84

Bob Theal RM3, 1971-75 and one guest

Rich Frantz, 1976-78, RM3

*Kent and Barbara Grealish, 1971-73, DE1067

*James and Nancy Bunce, 4 years on board, DE1067

*Kenneth & Anne Scharneck, 4 yrs on board, FF1067

Philip DiBenedetto, SM3 and one guest

*Harry Donnellan Jr., 4 1/2 yrs on board, FF1067

*David  Rosner and guest Young Hee Rosner, 1981-1985, FF1067

*Richard & Nancy Boersema, FF1067

*Brad & Wendy Becker










Jeff Holt