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Koh Tang Mayaguez

Welcome to the Koh Tang Mayaguez Reunion Home Page!

The Holiday Inn Cincinnati Airport Hotel

Erlanger, Kentucky

May 15-19, 2016




Allen and Tina Bailey

Charlie Clark

Richard Francis

Lt. Col. (Ret) Raymond Porter

Robert and Ruth Blough and Betty Stevenson

Dan and Betty Hoffman

Fred and Ellen Morris

Don Raatz

John Steiert

John and Susan Lucas

Armando and Diane Hernandez

Clark Wiger

Thomas and Shelba Noble

Mike Walton

Stephen Poore and Nancy Embree

Tim Grantz

Daniel and Deborah Spahn

Henry Rausch, Jr.

Tom Rieter

Dennis Miller

Snookie Bo Dunscombe

William Polly

Dan DeLeuw

Valis Welch

Jesse De Los Santos

Larry and Sharon Barnett

Francis and Ann McGowin

Jerry Gettelfinger

Jerome and Cynthia Wemitt

Jerry Borowski

Alex Wright

Delma Cole and Bo Schupp

Lou and Mary Smith

John Nemcik

Phil Hughes


Al and Tina Bailey