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1st 8 Inch Howitzer Battery U.S.M.C.

Welcome to the 1st 8 Inch Howitzer Battery U.S.M.C.

The Grand Plaza Hotel, 417-336-6646

Branson, Missouri


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Paul Haines

Greg and Christine Ladesich

Stephen and Leonardine Norris

Scott and Cindy Smith

Joe and Joan Cavanagh

Henry Means

Kenneth Hebenstreit

Chet and Donna Knights

Robert Fenton and Guest

Melvin Lucas and guest, Jim Young

Eugene D. Knasel

Don and Claudia Moeller

Thomas Powers

Don Nelson

Day Horner

Tim McCormick

John West

Jack Ernest

Richard Wendt

Charles and Sheryl Kistler

Dale Thompson and Christa Glaves

Greg Ladesich