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We've been very busy and have had some awesome reunion groups not only in Branson, but all over the country the past few weeks.  Thank you to the USS Seattle (Branson), 22nd Infantry Regiment Society (Syracuse, N.Y), Moroccan Association (Branson), USS Benner (San Antonio), VRC50 (Nashville), USS Decatur (Branson), 246th Field Artillery (Branson), MCB11 Seabees (Branson), USS Delta (Pensacola) and 901-302 Association (Branson).  It has been a pleasure working with you the past months and for...

We are headed out Monday for San Diego to join the Third Battalion Fourth Marines reunion at Town and Country Resort.  This is a group we work with on their reunions and they are like family to us.  Travis and Grace Fryzowicz are our co-workers and do a lot of work to help assure everything goes smoothly!   While in San Diego we are meeting Pat and Ann Carpenter so they can "show us" around San Diego.  Pictures will definitely follow!

A special thank-you to Purple Heart recipients who were wounded or killed in action after April 5, 1917.  We can never repay you for your service and sacrifice.  

August is just around the corner and a sign that summer is winding down, although the hot weather is reminding us it's not over! With August comes Super Summer Cruise weekend at Shepherd of the Hills Farm.  This is a weekend filled with memories and beautiful cars.  To learn more about the weekend go to www.supersummercruise.com.  We are excited about our high school 60's reunion that weekend.  We graduated from a small town in northeast Missouri called Kahoka.  Even though we moved away in 1969...

Welcome to the planning committee for the 24th Evac Hospital Vietnam who are in Branson this week previewing shows and attractions to include in their reunion itinerary next year.  The group had their reunion in Branson in 2014 and voted to come back in 2016!  We look forward to putting together a wonderful reunion for you!!


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